VO Trends in Marketing & Advertising

According to Voices. com, VOICE OVER TRENDS IN MARKETING AND ADVERTISING, 2018 is the year of the approachable expert – the voice of authority, but relatable.  Survey results were tabulated from nearly 1,000 marketing and advertising professionals.

What are the key findings?

  • There is an increased demand for voices with a localized accent or dialect across all languages.  Audiences want to hear from someone who sounds like them.
  • Age also matters.  Audiences want to hear from their peers.  Survey respondents are still heavily focused on Millennials and Gen X, but the advertising community is starting to recognize the growing influence of Baby Boomers as this rapidly growing population is becoming an influential market.
  • While traditionally, advertisers have sought male voice talent, opportunities for women are now growing at a faster rate than men.
  • While  many factors guide voice over casting, creating an emotional connection is commonly agreed upon as the most important.  The least important? Budget.

Share your thoughts.  What key factors do you consider when casting voice talent?


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